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Update! Jan. 28, 29 & 30, 2016 Steensland Continuing Education Seminars!


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Keeping the New Jersey Land Surveyor informed and providing a forum for ideas concerning the profession through Surveyor participation and responsible action.

Founded 1993 - Incorporated 1994


Executive Director: Craig Finnegan, N.J. P.L.S.

President: Wayne Applegate, N.J. P.L.S.

The Garden State Land Surveyors Alliance was formed shortly after mandatory continuing education for Land Surveyors in New Jersey was signed into law. It is sometimes believed that we were formed only to oppose continuing education and although this issue was one of the key elements resulting it our formation, it was certainly NOT the only reason. It became very clear that a new “voice” of the profession was needed. GSLSA IS THAT NEW VOICE!

This organization was indeed opposed to mandatory continuing education, and continues to champion the move to amend and reform the continuing education regulations to reflect the true needs of the profession and the industry. However, once the continuing education requirement was established as law, one of our goals has been to provide the New Jersey Land Surveyor with an alternative source of high quality and timely continuing education courses. To that end we have been very successful, having “opened the door” to different avenues to achieve the “24 Professional Development Hours” needed for license renewal.

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Generally we meet on the last Monday of each month at the Town and Country Inn, Route 35 North, Keyport, NJ. Each meeting begins at 6:00 PM followed by any scheduled 2-hour seminar beginning at 7:00 PM. (Refer to Meeting Schedule for more information.) The cost of each 2-hour seminar (2 Professional Development Hours) is $60 for “Current Members”; $75 for Non-Members. Of course, some special courses or “special guest instructors” may increase the seminar cost.

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